EQ output level

So I’m being a good boy and trying to keep good gain staging throughout my mixes. This includes adjust the level of audio as it passes through each module in the insert chain. However, it seems that the channel EQ has no output level fader? So if I boost a frequency and therefore make the overall level louder there’s no way to attenuate it before it goes into the next preset. That seems wrong. The EQ inserts all seem to have the output slider so this seems like a strange omission! Or am I missing something?


You are right, the Channel Strip EQ doesn’t have an output level fader.

Use StudioEQ or Frequency plug-in instead.

Well this is probably one of reasons why attenuating of EQ is prefered instead of amplifing. Im not a pro but to me it seems derived from analog gear where You also dont have gain controll after EQ.