EQ points - possible to select/copy/shift over a bit/paste?

Hi - I’d like to take an EQ curve from one track, and apply it to another, only have it shifted a little bit L/R on the display of the 2nd track.

Is that possible, or do I have to “build” it manually all again for each track I want to do this for?

Thanks -


You can drag-and-drop current EQ settings from channel to channel in the MixConsole. Just drag-and-drop the “EQ” tab (where is the “EQ” written, so it could stay close). The shift, you have to do manually. I even can’t imagine, how to do this automatically. If you want to shift all bands by the same frequency, or in some relation…

Thank you, Martin!

Yes, the shift is something I don’t know how to do. For example, Two vocals, I want to apply a “telephone voice” EQ to both, but shifted a little bit right/left between them …

Then I would recommend just to double-click to the Frequency fields, and change the value manually. These are just 4 values. Better then 12. :wink:

Not the end of the world to do that, guess that’s what it takes, thanks!