EQ pop-up editor closes when clicking in dropdown

Cubase 13 Windows - UI. I like the feature to show all the eq details in a pop-up that closes automagically “when done”. However I have the feeling this again was not thought through carefully. So the developer possibly took the easy route to detect a click or action outside that “eq pop-up” surface square and then close it. Well, selecting this value by clicking ('Low shelf III, and the ones below) from a drop down belonging to the eq editor will close the pop-up unexpectedly:

I think it was… but there is indeed a problem.

But, that it is possible to have the controls available is a new feature from the first service release. And it closes if you move the mouse outside the pop up area. So it is not caused by the click. The missing menu after the click is the origin for the behavior. Anyway, it needs attention.

Can you please add the issue tag to the topic, and we will hand it over to @Martin.Jirsak for reporting it to the development team.

Hi ejocvx, this is a known bug unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.