EQ Presets Missing after update

After installing the latest update to C10 Pro, I cannot find my EQ presets. The track presets are visible but if click on the Load EQ Preset only the standard presets come up, none of my saved presets. I looked in the Roaming folder but didn’t see them there. I know I should have saved the User Data folder before I updated, but I didn’t. If I roll back to .20 will they appear or am I missing someplace where they are hidden? I have amassed a large amount of EQ presets over the years and sure hope I haven’t lost them. Any help greatly appreciated

You may need to do a Media Bay scan.

I did a refresh, nothing came up. Where are the EQ user presets stored?

Sorry, I don’t know. If you are on WIndows, maybe in the User Data Settings Folder but I looked and didn’t see a folder for EQ.

Nope nothing there unfortunately. There’s a track presets folder. I wish a mod would answer. Someone must know

I found mine at \Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\Eq

No such folder exists on my system, thanks

Can any of the Mods please tell me where the EQ presets are stored??? I know it’s not as crucial as “How do I convert Midi to Audio” or “my audio is skipping” or “why do I have latency” or any other newbie question. I’ve been a loyal user since VST32 and never had this problem before. I have dozens and dozens of user saved EQ settings I need to be able to access. Please someone

I didn’t have that folder either until I saved a user EQ preset. I realize you say you have saved your own before but, perhaps, unfortunately, they are gone?
I will say that the presets for Cubase (and other instruments like Halion, GA, etc.) and where they are saved is a mess. They are scattered all over. This is probably due to the evolving nature of Windows with user specific file folders and “public” file folders and backwards compatibility with older versions of Cubase, etc. I don’t know if cleaning it up is an easy task…

Instead of rolling back I would do a system restore or system image restore (if you do that). The post above is correct where the preset is stored on windows. I don’t think rolling back will replace the deleted files.