EQ presets missing in C5 32-bit?

I don’t actually use these, but I noticed that C5 64-bit has the EQ presets (the list opens up when you hit the little box thingy) but using C5 32-bit they don’t come up (track presets come up however)

Anybody else notice this, or knwo anything about it?

i have experienced this before with my CS5… sometimes when i did fresh install i notice it’s mising and sometimes its there , dont ask me why :slight_smile: any way i got it solved from the old forum, (if im not mistaken)the simple way to solve this is just “copy” the prest list from the dvd n “paste” it to ur installed eq preset folder. i really cant remember the dir, should not be that hard to find.

start cubase and it shoulb be there…

Thanks are I’ll try that

Can’t find them on install discs for C5 or C4

Is Mediabay set to scan the preset folders in the Cubase Program folder? If yes, try deleting the Mediabay Pref file and setting it up again doing a full scan.