EQ question for stereo use

I have an analog valve eq, 2 channels with separate gain/q/freq. How do I use this rack in stereo? It´s a TL audio EQ-2011. I use FX channel 5 and 6 both stereo in and out. In that way i cant EQ both left and right speaker but i want to eq alla stereo file with one channel parameters but then it is in mono (only apply to left or right). I cant figure this out.

please help!

Not exactly sure what you are saying, but any EQ should really be used as an insert effect, not as a a send (such as an fx channel).

To have it work in stereo you’ll need to set both channels knobs at the same values.

Thank you! Yes i use it as a insert (external fx) I meant the setup up in the “fx channel” window. I guess that is the only way to go. The praramters exacyly desame for the to channels when using it as a stereo insert. Mono no problem.

Escuse me for the bad english.

You just have to dial the knobs of both channels into same positions. That’s how it works (mostly) in analog world. You’ve been spoiled by digital plugins and their ability to seamlessly link/unlink/whateveryouwant their channels.

Haha jarno. I followed split suggestion about warming up signal. The valve eq is in a completely own league compair to everything i tried in the digital domain. That it for giving the “warmth” and alive feeling. Maybe not for exactly pricision tool but who cares.i dont. And the presonus gate GTX44 is super fun in stereo mode do make dance beats with bass or drums samples.

For sure it does all of this. While TL-Audio Ivory (white) series are far from “high-end” units I’m really satisfied with my C-5021. I insert it into my main mix buss or clean electric guitars quite often… and get “wide”, “lively”, “analog”, “smooth” sound. If I used my knowledge and understaning about how horrible piece of (censored) that box is and what it really does to my music, I would just throw it out of the window … but it sounds cool. And let me once again quote the legendary Joe Meek: “If It Sounds Right, It Is Right”.

I have the Indigo series EQ. But more affortable. TL Audio took aeay the preamp and made a larger production. The valve is desame as the bigger brother. I dont think it is a “gimmick” rack. Maybe not in the same leage as API etc but if it sounds good is it good.

The 2011 is basically two mono units in one rack unit, as usual Jarnos advice is sound.

The way you describe the setup is exactly the way I would of recommended. for Stereo operation just set either side to the same settings and if you notice one side has more or less “EQ” than the other then adjust the cut/boost to balance.