EQ Question

I imported a full song on a stereo wav file I re- equalized it .How come when I set the paragraphic equalizer on that channel , and make a preset of it , then I load that preset of the paragraphic eq into the stereo out channel , how come it proceeds to take out even more eq , I would have thought turning the stereo out channel eq on, would not make any difference seen as though it is set exactly the same as the channel eq.

Cause that´s how it´s intended to work…
Signal goes through one channel, gets processed, then the processed signal goes through the next channel and again gets processed…

dont know if you understood correctly,for example i make a 2000.0 htz cut at -7db , with a Q of 1 on an audio channal. i setup the same eq setting on the stereo out channal and it takes out more eq from the sound. it shouldnt do this because i am not asking it to take out any more frequencies , it`s as if the tunnel is getting smaller even when it should be the same size .

It’s not a tunnel, it’s a hole. You’re telling it to dig a hole of 7 dB deep at 2000 Hz, and then dig another hole of 7 dB deep at the same spot. That’s a 14 dB deep hole.

Nice one Arjan, couldn’t have said it better :wink: