EQ Question

So far I used Studio EQ (as an insert)
because it´s much easier to “look” on
But is there any difference when using same parameters :question:
with Studio EQ and EQ on the mixer .

I imagine that EQ on the mixer sounds a bit brighter, :open_mouth:

Personally I very rarely use the mixer eq. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I have other plugins that bring more to the party. To be honest the mixer eq is good but basic. It really depends upon what you are using your eq with. I think I must have about 15 different eqs. Some of them have a little analogue colour and add a little warmth/drive to the sound, like UAD’s Neve 1073. Some are more clinical and surgical like Fab Filter’s Pro EQ. Some just sound nice and are really easy to use like the Sonimus SonEQ.

The answer to your question is to go with your ear. If in a given situation one sounds better than the other, that is the one you use. If the GUI is easier to get to grips with then use that. I feel that is is good to have a range of eqs and compressors as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Where one doesn’t seem to do the job another one will.

I tend to use Cubase mix console EQ’s for the simple basic EQ tasks. Low/High cuts, and basic shelving etc. Then I use 3rd party EQ’s for everything else.

Same here.

If that was the question: Yes there is.

Your questions give the impression that you are new to EQ (apologies if i’m wrong here) so imho you’re best off not complicating matters and just stick to using what you have at the moment… with respect here, why not just try the channel eq and the studio eq side by side for yourself and use your ears to listen for differences? Becoming familiar with your tools is an essential and huge part of it as is being able to listen to things side by side and hear subtle differences.
Personally i’ve found/am finding EQ to be the most challenging part of the process, whether that’s just me, or my ears, mixing environment or what i don’t know, but spending time comparing the way different eqs/compressors etc work and sound has made a massive difference to my own output.

There are stupid amounts of tutorials and opinions on youtube etc… be aware the audio quality isn’t the greatest but many of them will be of value… pensado’s place is pretty popular, the recording revolution might be worth a look, protools expert have some interesting stuff or just surf around on there.

What matjones just said makes an enormous amount of sense and that kind of experience will pay dividends down the road.

The studio EQ and the channel EQ uses the same algorithms, however they will not NUL if set to the same settings.
The Q-factor in the channelEQ goes to 12, in the StudioEQ it goes to 10, just to name one obvious difference.
What is best ? The one You feel is best.
Personally I use the channelEQ on pretty much every track, it’s easy and does not use a plugin slot. For broader strokes I like something like the Maag EQ (3rd party plugin).