EQ settings not effectively loaded on recall


I was starting to master my tracks for an upcoming EP and I noticed something serious. Namely that some mixing settings like EQ aren’t loaded properly even when the eq is active on that channel. When the first band is supposed to cut off low frequency (it clearly is set to a very low gain ) I can hear the full low end of the strings that I previously cut off. If I nudge the gain a littlebit it’ll suddenly sound OK. It’s like the settings aren’t adopting the real values in the internal mixer until you give it a nudge on the channelstrip itself, then it’ll suddenly sound ok.

This is very unsettling because this way I can’t reliably work further on these tracks for itunes mastering. Whenever I would want to change a tiny fraction of the song, I’d have to recheck everything if all eq levels are genuinely working as they should.

I have to test this further but it mostly happens with cubase projects that are made with older versions than 9. but I’ll have to dedicate my time to test this.

I’m using cubase 9.0.30 on windows 10, with a hdsp5296 card with latest drivers.

I seem to notice that not all tracks have it within the same project. I use lots of intstrument tracks with vsts

It seems to be that I resolved this problem by removing the loading of a default EQ preset.

I noticed that when I load a new empty project, the eq was always loading a piano preset, which was odd. I guess i’ve done this unintendingly. I removed the default proces and now my EQ recall seems to go smoothly.

I guess I’ll just leave this here for somebody to comment on. It’s kinda odd behaviour still. But at least I’m out of the impasse. Checking further.