EQ Settings sometimes not copying and sometimes they do.

Hi, I really am very sorely vexed. Can anyone please help?

I have a project with 10 tracks/channels.
I edit the EQ settings in the strip for channel 5 and right click>copy the EQ settings.
I go to channel 6 and try to paste these copied EQ settings but it pastes in a different setting. I think it pastes the setting that was on 5 before I edited the settings.
I go to channel 2 and copy the EQ settings.
I go back to channel 6, and they paste ok!

What things are likely to prevent me from copying from channel 5 but at the same time allow me to copy from channel 2 ??

Thank you.

[Cubase elements 7)

I had to close Cubase down and re start it. Now I can copy that setting and everything’s wonderful. Does this happen often?
I don’t want to find out I waste a morning’s work because it chooses not to save that too.