EQ that can cut it


Does anybody know of an eq that can actually cut stuff (say a sine) under 60 hz?
(In the 20-60 hz region)

So far, all eqs i have encountered cannot cut this low and simply “lower the volume” in a very broad sense…
Nothing surgical about the cut, even at 96db per octave… Just a broad spectrum volume lowering…


Frequency plug-in. Notch filter.
apQualizr. Band Stop.

try this. propa cuter


Thx guys)

Will check em out asaic and get back to y’all;)

P.s. Frequency/fabfilter/GEQ etc etc do not work surgically down low… Again just broadband lowering of the volume…

You can test this using a really low bass or a sine and then sweeping a low cut up n down in that low region… The whole low part is quasi handled like one broad band …

Anywho, will get back to ya and thx again for the tips…)

Wavearts track plug as well.

At it’s core, that is what EQ is. It is frequency dependent attenuation (gain boost or cut). What exactly are you trying to do that you are not able to do? You have a 60hz sine wave that you want to get rid of? I think part of this issue is that even a “pure” sine wave will also activate other frequencies above and below it. You can see this by playing a single pitch sine wave on your synth and then using something like span to check the frequency output. The 60 hz will not only generate 60 hz, but will take up a big wide space in that area.

I’m defiantly not an expert on eq (at all!), but I believe this has a lot to do with phase issues in the sound spectrum…you can’t have 59hz not activated at all and 60 hz activated and 61 hz not activate for example…

I know Izotope Ozone 7 has a brickwall high and low pass that is very effective.

If you mean the ability to cut surgically at a specific frequency, it depends on the depth of the notch you use. And just to be clear, this is not with regard to the ‘Peak’ filters in Frequency, it is with regard to the ‘Notch’ filters, as chosen in the filter type menu of each band. These work surgically.

In the Frequency plug-in, set two filters to ‘Notch’ at the same frequency with Q at 14. If that’s not enough set three filters to notch at the same frequency. Using several notches on the same frequency gets you a deeper notch. You can easily test this using the signal generator set to a 60Hz sine (for example).

In apQualizr you’d need just a single band stop filter with around a quarter of an octave bandwidth.

These solutions will attenuate a 60Hz test sine from -12dBFS to around -80dBFS.

Or if you are talking about general low frequency cut then Cut 96 in the Frequency plug-in does a good job. Set at 85Hz this filter will cut a 60Hz sine test signal down from -12dBFS to -60dBFS… which IMO is a good result.