EQ window closes automatically when I change selected track

So, I have a MIDI track that is connected to a multi-instrument (Kontakt 4 in this case). I’m trying to adjust the EQ on one of the instrument channels. So of course I want to flip back and select the MIDI channel so I can pound on some keys and then adjust the EQ as needed. The problem is, when I do this, the inserts window for the instrument channel goes away & is replaced by the MIDI inserts window. Is there some way to keep that instrument channel EQ window open while I switch to the MIDI track and hit some notes?

Pardon the extreme newbieness of my questions, I just switched to Cubase 6 from Logic Pro 9 so I’m experiencing some growing pains here. :wink: Thanks in advance.

Just click the speaker icon on the MIDI track. This will enable you to monitor it, or play it, while having other tracks selected.

So that’s what that does! :smiley: So many tiny little buttons in Cubase. Thank you, sir.