eq window problem

I open the edit window from the arrangement page (clicking on ‘e’). The eq window opens and I select eq node #2 and set it to 500hz. The node appears in the graph window sitting on the 500hz grid line. I then increase the level of the 500hz to 3db. The graph curve rises at about 220hz, not at the 500hz grid line. Node #2 is still sitting over the correct grid line, with the graph showing a bump at about 220hz.
Can anyone tell me what I missed? I just started Cubase 7 yesterday (from 6.5)
Thanks in advance.

It seems to work fine here.
Just checking you’re not selecting the second EQ from the left (as this is number 1). The first group on the left is the pre filter so EQ2 is actually the 3rd from the left.

I’ve seen other forum members reporting similar issues with the EQ when using sample rates other than 44.1k. Could that be the problem?


No, it called node 2. It’s the third from the left. It does the same on node 3. If I raise the frequency and then narrow the cue so it’s got a sharper slope, the node isn’t above the slope; it’s to the right of it. I took a screen pic of it, but I don’t know if I can upload it.
Thanks for your quick response. Albert

I am working in 96K. This could be a real problem. I’m wondering if the node placement is correct and the graphic display is wrong or the other way around.
Thanks Kris,

More news on the eq window. It appears that the problem is not with the actual node placement, but with the graphic display. I put a 500hz tone on a track at 96k sample rate. I set the eq node to 500hz and turned it down; it all but disappeared. Then I set another node directly over the graphic display of this frequency (230hz) and turned it up and down and nothing happened.
So the short answer is: Where you place your eq node is correct; the display is wrong. Back to eq’ing with our ears. (I miss the 20th century)
Also, if you set the sample rate to 48k, the display is also incorrect, but only half as bad.
Thanks for the help guys. I’ve dropped a note to Steinberg support.