Equal distances between audio blocks

Hi, Does anyone have any idea how to get equal distances between audio blocks?

we have an audio track divided into many pieces with scissors. And now we want to add equal distances between the cuts (lector assembly). We can try to change the tempo of the project but then we will get uneven divisions. (as below)

Anyone have an idea how to add an automatic constant time value between all audio blocks? Of course we can add Insert Silence but I mean automatically adding silence between all cuts. This would save a lot of time during assembly.


What is your end goal in doing this, what are you trying to achieve? There may be an easier way to get there.

Also we encourage folks to put their DAW specs in their signature so we know what options are available to them (for example Pro has tools that Artist doesn’t).

This is a bit of a method from this thread:


01- I set Detect silence on e.g. a minute voice-over file (I cut out breaths and noise between sentences)
02- I select all cut files and set 20 ms fade in and fade out
03- Set the snap mode to Shuffle, select all audio parts that I want to join together except for the first, then drag them to the left.
04- I have the correct blocks trimmed side by side

And everything would be great if some method (not tempo change) would set equal distances between the parts, adding natural gaps between sentences (sometimes to be slightly adjusted).


Nothing really comes to mind. You might want to explore Audio Parts and/or Grouping which will let you lock in the timing relationships, but they won’t help with creating a standard length gap. You perhaps could create a short silent Audio Event the size you want for your gaps and somehow use that as a spacer between the real audio. But can’t see how you’d be able to automate that.

That’s what i thought about it, but i think it would take longer than correcting spacings proposed by the “tempo” shift.

Also Edit > Range > Delete Time and Edit > Range > Insert Silence functions definitely help (when I want to get a smaller or larger gap between words) in editing - without the need to select all files and manually move.

BTW - a similar topic in another thread - here, too, no one found a solution, and that would be really useful.



You could probably achieve this using a combination of a macro and a Project Logical Editor command.

When you use the tempo shift what are your settings for Musical Mode on the Audio files and the Timebase on the Track?

Hadn’t considered Insert Silence, which has a lot of potential. If the Audio Events start off next to each other with no gaps between then you could set the Cursor to the end of each event and then Insert a fixed amount of silence.

Yes, I’ve found it’s best to leave natural gaps between words in a voiceover and not squeeze it into “one mass”.

And just to correct gaps using delete silence or insert silence.

It’s just a pity that you can’t add it with one click, but first you need to select the range between words and determine whether you want to add or subtract.

It would be good if something like this works at the cursor’s place on a given value but, on the other hand, how does cubase know what time fraction to cut or add without selecting range :slight_smile:

You mean auto add fades on split or equal distances between audio blocks?

Another thing you might explore is the Arranger Track - don’t know what kind of Key Command and PLE support it might have, but worth taking a look at.

I mean equal distances between audio events.