Equal number of staves on each page


I have a solo piano piece where I have 4 staves on my master page. However, I am wanting to have 5 staves on each of my remaining 5 pages. Is there a way or shortcut to evenly put 5 staves on pages 2-5? Thanks.

You can’t use Master Pages to specify number of systems per page. Master pages allow you to set the dimensions of a music frame, but not to specify how many systems should fit in that frame.

The best way to accomplish what you want is to use frame and system breaks. Frame breaks are set at the beginning of each page, and if you toggle on the property “Wait for next…” then Dorico will continue filling the frame until it finds the next frame break.

@Cory Salve e scusami se scrivo in italiano.
Io farei così:

  1. A fondo pagina, sul quarto rigo, creare una interruzioine di cornice.
  2. poi in Opzioni di LayoutRighi e Accollature imposta 5 su N. fisso di accollature per cornice (vedi allegato).
    Buona Musica.