Equal space between slices

Is it possible to create an automatic equal space between each slice
(i have lots of slices i need to work with), for example:

Slice 1 - 5 sec space - slice 2 -5 sec space - slice 3 etc…

I haven’t exactly tried this, but I think it should work…

Your ‘Slices’ lie along one audio track butting to each other right?

Note down your project tempo in the transport bar
Make sure audio track is set to ‘musical’ timebase with the crotchet sign showing near the track name
Next slow down the tempo drastically, for example from 120bpm to 40 bpm
Switch audio track to ‘Linear’ timebase
Return tempo to original BPM
Switch audio track back to ‘musical’ timebase if desired

Now your slices should have gaps between them. Not all equal gaps if the slices are different lengths, but separated at least.
I hope this helps