Equalising a guitar solo from different takes with different sounds, so that it looks uniform

I made a long solo, and worked on it several days with replays and corrections. . I realised then that the sound changed, from replays to replays, in equalisation and in volume.
What is the principle to correct that?:

  • keep the solo on one track and equalise the regions by an ‘automated’ equalisation per region.
  • Put the different regions, on different tracks, and then apply the equaisation to each track, until all tracks look the same. And then bounce the different tracks to one.
    Thanks for the help

Well there really is never one answer for all cases. as the specifics are always dependent on the actual audio you have. But in general I’d go with this option

Also, even though we have tools now that lets us visually compare EQ curves you don’t want to make your final decisions based on visual feedback. Trust you ears as it is sounds you are trying to match. The visual tools are there to help us understand what our ears are telling us. But they are secondary sources of information.

If you don’t already use Track Versions, something like this is a good place to start. They’ll let you maintain copies of edits in different states as you make changes.

Also when I do stuff like this I’ll use Save As… to creating and editing version of the Project.

Hello Raino,
Thank you for the answer.
I will go like you say. But is ‘Track Versions’ an app/process in CUBASE?. If so where is it documented in the HELP.
Thanks for the help
Daniel Schell

No idea without checking the index myself - which I’ll leave for you to do.

You can access them via the dropdown menu on the Track’s name.