Equality showing as missing when opening old projects

Hi all,

Finally moved to Windows 7 and everything is going great except…

When opening projects which had dmg equality they show up as greyed out ‘missing plug in’ in the insert slots. The plug in IS installed and a new instance can be inserted and works fine even in the same project. Any ideas? I have tried moving the dll to various folders, updating plug in info, reinstalling etc. It seems very strange as the plug in works fine if it’s a new instance! Just does not load on projects created pre windows 7 (XP previously).
I have installed the plug only as 32bit and am running 5.5.2 (32bit) in Windows 7 64bit.

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You might want to contact DMG on that one as they may have changed their internal plug-in identifier between versions.

Find out where the Equality .dll is located and check if that location is included in the plugin paths. (Plugin information)


Cheers for the replies.

likelystory - that’s what I thought too, so uninstalled the update of equality and reinstalled the original version which is the same version that was used when creating the projects.

Fredo - I checked this straight away as it is the usual reason for the ‘missing plug in’ error but unfortunately I think this issue is slightly more complicated! Nuendo can see equality fine as a new instance, just not when opening an older project with equality already installed.

I will post some screenshots when I get into the studio as it is quite strange…basically slot 3 (for example) can say ‘equality missing’ and in slot 4 you can then insert a fully functioning version of equality.


Then the only explenation would be that the Equality plugin is not backwards compatible.
I’m afraid that you’ll have to install the same Equality version of which the projects are made with.