Equalization with CI 2 is messed up

Recently when I use the CI2 as my default playback device the equalization of the playback is really messed up. I can basically only hear the rhythm guitar and room tracks for drums (cymbals and barely snare). Any low end and mid frequencys are basically inaudible. Is there anyway to solve this? I’m updated to the latest drivers and have tried installing all the drivers before this to solve the issue. My CI2 was working fine for around 2 months before this happened, and the playback is extremely good quality when using the CI2 on other computers… just not mine.

Anyway if anyone can help me solve this it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Okay, I’ve made some progress here as I found one “fix” to the problem, if I pan the track to hard left or right everything plays back as it should, but it is played as mono. So that kind of helps but I’d like it to be in stereo because lots of the dynamics are lost when listening to everything in mono

It’s not a phase thing is it? Something like speaker leads being reversed, which would tie in with the phase cancellation when panned to the middle? Just a thought.

I think this is most likely it but I can’t for the life of me find anyway to change any of these settings for the CI2. Mind telling me where I can change all this stuff? Because It sounds almost like when you have the instrumental of a song and then the song and make the instrumental inversed to cancel out everything but the vocals except in this case you can only hear guitars

I’m no expert so I’m just thinking out loud, but here’s a couple of things that come to mind:

  1. Could your output leads to the monitors be wired or connected the wrong way so the left and right signals are polarity reversed somehow? Maybe you’ve changed leads or something?

  2. Depending on the software you’re using, then there’s likely to be ways to reverse the phase in the software, eg in Cubase AI it’s part of the Audio processing functions. Could that have happened by mistake sometime? Anyway, you could maybe test it by loading up a stereo file and using the Phase Reverse function from the Audio menu to flip either the left or right channel only (I haven’t done that but the manual says you can) and seeing if it fixes the problem.

Hope you can get it sorted out.