equalizer bug , cubase pro 10.0.20

Hi, i dont know what heppend to my cubase i bought it several days ago now when i try to add an audio track or vst it opens equalizer preset not defualt and when i edit the equalizer after saving it it returns to defualt
here is a video if you dont understand

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to Trash Cubase preferences, please? Maybe even reinstall Cubase?

i trashed Cubase preferences and reinstalled Cubase same problem it didn’t fixed it


I cannot reproduce it. Does it happen with any EQ settings? Does it happen with EQ only or any plug-in? Can you confirm (from the date and time, when the *.cpr file is modified) the project has been stored?

Could you try to reinstall Cubase (many the plug-in component is not installed properly), please?

it happens with all EQ setting with audio and plugins , any project i start it happens


Could you try the reinstallation, please?

i did reinstall but idk if its compelety reinstalled and also i unistalled it and reinstalled it a couple of times but no secuess do you know how to i full uninstall it thanks.


If you are on Mac, just to delete the Application is OK. If you really want to do the complete uninstallation, here is the link. If you are on Windows, the uninstaller should do the job.

Actually you don’t need the complete full uninstalling. I can’t imagine this could be sound library dependent (for example), so you don’t have to uninstall it. Same as preferences.

Not The Same… but this Kind of issue found with FX sends. :unamused: :unamused:
Check this Link. :—>

This issue Exist since i use Cubase 9 Pro. (My 1st Purchase)
i have installed 2nd cubase (elements) in my laptop as well, same issue with that too…
Now tell me, is this really an issue?? or a Feature??? :question: :question: :question: :mrgreen: