Equalizers in Compressor Windows

Hi guys,

I’m watching a Tutorial video how to set up sidechain Compressor. For some reason when I press play the equalizers for “In” and “Out” columns are not moving (screenshot below) but in the video it does. Please help! Thanks in advance.

1.: these are not equalizers, but level meters / bars.
2.:You of course need to send a signal to the external sidechain input also. If this tutorial is about sidechaining, then this should be explained there. Watch the tutorial more thorough.

Thank you for your reply. I tried adding compressor without sidechaining too, but the level meters barely and randomly move :frowning:

Try adjusting the threshold?

I did. Nothing changed… :astonished:

there is no audio on the track in your screenshot…

Is that a midi or instrument channel? A bit too small for me to see clearly. There’s no audio coming out of the midi channels, you have to apply it to the instruments audio output channel.

That’s an instrument track. Here is a bigger screenshot:

And how do I apply it to the instruments audio output channel? Thanks once again for the help!

You play it at solo, don’t you?
If so there’s no signal send to your sidechain, because the send channel is muted.

Cheers, Matze!

If you look at the screenshot. All channels are unmuted :neutral_face:

Sorry, looked at the wrong one…

Hmm there does seem to be a problem here

  1. It shouldn’t really be anything to do with the sidechain as it only controls/modifies the amount of gain reduction
  2. The left bars show the input level to the compressor - and in your picture you seem to have plenty. Obviously this will drop to 0 when there is no actual signal (when the bass isn’t playing)
  3. For some reason you are showing no output signal (the right hand bars)and yet there is no gain reduction either (the gr bar which comes down from the top)
  4. What happens if you try a completely different compressor?

The In and Out meters in the compressor windows actually change sometimes (they do change, just randomly). And I can hear the effects from these compressors to the sound.

Anyone? Please help me with this. :neutral_face:

Create a project, import an audio file, insert compressor, set threshold, and ratio. Does the compressor work?

And (sorry I ask that) do you actually know, how a compressor works?

Hi thinkingcap,

Yes it does work. I don’t know what’s wrong with the other project. Honestly I’m new to Cubase and music production in generally, if you can explain that would be awesome! :slight_smile:

Explain what? How a compressor works? Try google. You´ll get more info there.
What exactly is wrong with your other project? Hard to say, sorry.

I’ll try to figure it out by myself. Thanks so much for all the help :slight_smile:

Hi AlexDD,

Check this video tutorial: