Equipment aquired through a friends passing

Thanks in advance for having a look at my issue.

A friends passing has left me with many Steinberg products that require
licencing for the software to run it.
Although he left the USB e licenser as well as boxes with serial numbers
with receipts etc. so far I can not get any of the items to work as an
error is given that the USB e licencer is registered already. Is there any
way around this?
In his passing it was his wish was to give the system to me to continue to
make music in his honor.

He has left these items to me

Cubase 5 disks

SL88I Studio




I have wiped clean his hard drives and computer on his request to start

Would I have any option to re register everything to get it all

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
Peter Lepine

You donĀ“t need to register anything to get it working. The Cubase 5 license is stored on the USB Key, so it just needs to be plugged in to run the software. And the hardware does not need to be registered to work.
If you want to register the gear, you should contact Steinberg.