Equipment Upgrade

…but not of the type you are thinking. I need advice.

I have an old Sony component stereo that was great back in the mid-90’s when I bought it but now is antiquated. It had an amplifier, 5 disc CD/DVD changer, and a dual tape deck (which broke long ago). What I’d like to do is upgrade to a DLNA-certified, WiFi-enabled (i.e. built-in), Blu Ray player.

I got a 5 disc changer so that I could throw in lots of music when people came over. Now I want to replace that functionality with a DLNA-certified home NAS. I’ve already settled on a Synology DS110j (USD$150) since they are the Cadillac of that market. (I haven’t ordered it yet though.) This will allow my wife and I to dump our music collections from our respective computers onto a 1TB USB drive that I can attach to this and have it stream to the Blu Ray player and out of the TV. (Not only that, but the NAS aspect will streamline work for both of us since I won’t have to have my main PC turned on for her to grab photos of her models, etc. from her laptop.)

But I still need that Blu Ray player, and I’m having trouble finding one that isn’t discontinued (I had found the Samsung BD-C6500 at USD$190 but that’s no longer sold) and that is getting good reviews. I would love to stay under USD$250 for the price.

Any suggestions?

Maybe try ebay, Larry. I don’t buy off individuals there (too many cowboys) but most of the ebay shops are good :sunglasses:

I thought an Apple TV box allows you to WiFi your computer’s audio or iPod to your TV/multimedia setup

Sony do DNLA wifi blu ray stuff. I use a sony bravia DNLA TV but use wired Ethernet to my wireless router for better data transfer. best for Internet TV over wireless, distance dependent.

The DNLA works great.

Luddite… :laughing:

I’ve got one (not the newer generation, the original Mac Mini sized one), but have not tried that feature, according to the manual, you are correct.

Steve Fogal

Sure at $1,500 cost for my laptop that’s a bit much, but it can do everything …including Cubase so it can certainly cover all my home entertainment needs…besides I already have it.

Happy Luddite :laughing:

Yeah but… wires are so last century :laughing: :laughing: (well from a lappy)

I settled on the Sony BDP-780. Just came out and is getting great reviews. Plus Amazon is selling it for under $200.