Equivalent Key Signature

I have a piece for saxophone orchestra which written out in the transposed keys. I needed to change the key of each part to the overall key (which is A major), so far so good. However when I look at the part for Alto sax, the key has transposed to 6 sharps (E sharp maj?) rather than 1 flat. The help suggests ticking the “Prefer enharmonic key signatures with fewer accidentals” box - which was already ticked. Unticking it makes no discernible difference. How do I change the key to 1 flat, rather than 6 sharps?



When A-Major is the key for the non transposing instruments, then F#-Major (6 sharps) is the correct key for the Alto-Sax.

Thanks Bob,

I shouldn’t try and get my head around transposing instruments late at night…


That’s true, when it gets too late at night, I find mistakes the next morning.

You can find charts for transposing instruments, like this one:


Thanks for that Bob, that’s a useful link. A night’s sleep and a couple of cups of tea and it all makes perfect sense.

This web page helps as well, simplified to the point that even a flute player like myself can grasp it .https://bettersax.com/transpose-guide-saxophones/