Er... What happened to my thread?

I didn’t think it was offensive, or broke any rules or anything, it was even mildly amusing, so can someone tell me what happened to my “When did this happen?” thread.

Either here or by PM please.

And if a mod happens by, I would genuinely like to know what I did wrong to merit outright deletion.

I didn’t find it offensive at all .
I found it to be like a breath of welcome fresh air in an air-conditioned stuffy room .

me neither :unamused: :smiling_imp:

Dead Forum Society? That one?

Nope that’s still there :unamused:

As Mark said above, the “When did this happen?” thread.

Start it again Mark to refresh our memory :mrgreen:

When did what happen ?

The TL:DR version

Started by asking why the lounge is full of feature requests? - Then a quick reminder of the dictionary definition of Lounge - Then some quick reminders of examples of good lounge threads from ages past - Then some gentle lampooning of feature requests in general./END

There are two possible explanations.

(1) Really great threads have immense gravity that compounds exponentially forming a singularity. Eventually the gravity well of such attractive threads collapses in on itself, passing the event horizon. On the “other side” of the event horizon, a vast plume of creative force shoots out. It coalesces into matter, dark matter, and energy expanding outward infinitely. This is how new universes are created.

Congratulations Mark, your thread has birthed a new universe.


(2) Your thread was absorbed into a negative vortex, and Stephen Hawking is completely wrong … information was lost.

Please notice how one explanation is much more positive than the other. There is a message, and a lesson to be learned, therein.

I really don’t understand the feature requests in the lounge either. This is no place for specific Cubase software related topics.

The general vibe in here is very sterile, especially since the “big bannings” happened (I think you know which ones I’m referring to).

We should be able to let loose a little in the Lounge. Why does everything have to be so serious?

Perhaps they should think about adding another forum - something like this one at Toontrack …

I saw nothing wrong there.
But then again, was it really that important?

I missed the original post I think, or didn’t read it consciously :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a FR subforum either, the music lounge is by description a non-product related forum.

yeah! FRs are moved from the Cubase 6 forum to the … Lounge! :confused:
Kinda like moving the hammers from the workshop to the canteen … :unamused: :laughing:
At the same time, the support forum is for support so …
maybe some kind of FR forum isn’t that bad, considering the alternatives?

Another one gone this morning. Steve’s excellent Cubase 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 and beyond thread.

Had the makings of a classic.

:unamused: It WAS hilarious! I think anyone who read it knows why it got deleted. Hard to find amusing stuff around this place anymore. Sometimes I’m so bored, I web-sling over to Gearslutz.

I was actually looking for it this morning, noticed it got deleted, and came to this thread to report. You beat me to it!!

Yea, They will move feature requests into the lounge but they wont move Hardware and setup questions to the Computer Hardware and Setup forum, or VST questions to VST plugin forum :confused:

Well they did move Steve’s ADAT thread there from here… :unamused:

Oh come on, I was having a good laugh in the Cubase7-8-9-10-11 topic, that wasn’t really called for :cry:

Haha… :mrgreen:

As the author of the 7/8 thread, the 9,10, 11…19 thread didn’t bother me at all really so I’m not sure why they deleted it unless they thought making fun of serious requests from long time users might not be all that conducive to getting useful feedback, dunno. No clue. I learned long ago to stop second guessing Steiny’s motives. :laughing:

I didn’t find it all that funny personally but I didn’t see any real harm either.

It’s gotta be fun or money. My money’s on fun every time.

But, to get a tiny bit quasi-serious (I’ve got a hunch about that one. Rings a bell) any request, like mine here:
I want a button to export only the drum tracks…etc.
Would no doubt be accompanied by a half-dozen " +1 "s (plus a large amount of P taking)

Now I ask myself what are the chances of the chief programmer of a large, or even medium, sized international company spotting it and saying “Right lads, great suggestion here. Let’s get cracking!”.
I’d say there’s more chance of actually writing a song using a tascam 4 track and getting a record deal. :mrgreen:

But the Beatles recorded songs on a… :laughing: