"Erase Background Behind Time Signature" Option quirks

Hi everybody,

I’ve been delighted to see the function of “Erase Background Behind Time Signature” appear in Dorico 3.5, however it doesn’t work as expected for me (see attachments).

Any solution to this?

erasebackground.dorico.zip (739 KB)

See also this earlier thread. Interestingly, there’s no response from the developers yet. That’s unusual!

I see this as a sign that they are heavily working on the promised patch — my feeling is that they are constantly working hard, so this overload of work is kind of scary!
But they’ll probably come up soon with an explanation.

Yes, I currently have dozens of threads from the forum open in my browser, waiting for me to have time to dig into them and figure out what’s going on. The first few weeks after a new update are always very challenging from a workload perspective and this has been no exception. Traffic on the forum continues to be very high, which makes it harder to have the time to really dig into specific issues, because the water is always rising faster than I can bail out the boat.

Daniel, you and the team are still making an awesome job!
I don’t know how many hours your day has - mine has only 24…