Erase background changes staff spacing

In the attached picture, there are to versions of the same passage. The only difference is that I switched on “erase background” for the text elements. The staff spacing changes quite a lot. There is probably a technical reason for this, but it is not very helpful …

I imagine it’s due to the boundaries of the text items becoming explicit and larger with their erased backgrounds. You could experiment with disabling collision avoidance for them, although the staves might then end up too close together.

It’s hard to know what the best alternative compromise would be: to risk text items with erased backgrounds ending up too close to other notations (by not moving them with their boundaries change) or forcing all text items, erased backgrounds or no, further away from the staff/other items.

Hi @HeiPet I found that if you (after enabling Erase background) activate the override for the vertical Erasure Padding (Top and Bottom) but let them stay at 0 , the correct stave distance is the same as without Erase background. I find that often is enough to have it at 0 (*)

I post pictures of 1) before 2) the setting 3) after (And you can see that “before” and “after” have the same staves distances):
erase background-staff spacing.dorico (575.9 KB)

(*) this Erasure padding setting overrides the following setting that is by default 1/4 space:

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Thank you @Lillie_Harris and @Christian_R , I forgot to look at the engraving options.
As default I would prefer, when Text won’t move, when I switch on “erase background”.

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Glad that it was helpful.

If you set the value I showed in Engraving Options to 0 (the one that has 1/4 as Dorico default), and then click on the button Save as Default in the lower left part of the window, this will become your default setting for future projects, and no more movement of the text with Erase background activated :slight_smile:

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