Erase background in custom line/hyphenated text

Greetings all,
I created a new line with the line editor and used hyphenated text to get ‘non vib,’ at the beginning, ‘vib.’ in the middle and ‘non vib.’ again at the end. So far so good. But I can’t find a way to erase the background of this text - which would be essential since it crosses a barline. In the egrave mode property panel I can only erase on added text and I can’t edit the text styles that are available for hyphenated text. Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forum Headphonomenon! If you’re wanting to indicate a changing from non vib to vib back to non vib again, I wonder if using 3 separate playing techniques and grouping them together to show transition lines between them might produce a better result more easily?

thanks for the quick and helpful reply! Indeed that was a quick way to achieve the desired result. I had also created two new text annotations (vib. and non vib.) and used them as start and end caps and continuation annotation. Despite that, I can still imagine a case (hyphenated cresendo line, for example) where I would want to erase the background.
Thanks again!

Members of the development team are pretty active in this forum, so one of them will see your question about erasing the background of hyphenated text on lines.

For a hyphenated crescendo, you can use Dorico’s native dynamics - gradual dynamics (like a crescendo) can appear as hairpins or as text, and they have their own “Erase background” property.

If you’re new to Dorico, it might be worth having a look around the YouTube channel at some of the introductory videos there - the way Dorico approaches notations is sometimes a little different to other software as Dorico treats notation semantically (all dynamics are “dynamics”, whether they’re text or hairpins for example).