"Erase background" question

Is there any reason why the “erase background” function doesn’t work on things like glissando lines?

I have a “cresc. poco a poco” that unfortunately intersects two glissando lines, and it’s rather unattractive.

I guess they’ve just never gotten around to coding it, but obviously this would be a nice feature! There is a workaround though …

If you create a Paragraph Style that matches the Font Style for Dynamic Text Font, then a Shift-X “poco a poco” will match the other dynamics. Just set the Background Color as below, then input the dynamic using Shift-X text with the Paragraph Style you created.

Unfortunately, I think due to a quirk in the drawing order, if you add a Border to the Paragraph Style, then it no longer hides. Without a Border (even a 0 width border), you can’t adjust the padding, so you’re sort of stuck with what you get. It still seems better to me than an ugly collision though.


thank-you, I’ll try that.
it’s going to be tedious, it’s a 100+ page orchestral score!