Erase background working correctly?

I set the property “Erase background” for a shift-x-text in Dorico 3. In the manual it says “The backgrounds of the selected text objects erase whatever is behind them.”

In my example only staff lines and bar lines are erased. Anything else remains behind the text.

Is this the intended behaviour?


Yes, it is. Anything that is considered to be in the “background”, which is at present just barlines and staff lines, will be erased; anything else will not.

What is considered to be in the background is different for shift-x-text and other items like dynamics. For immediate dynamics really everything in the background is erased. The same is true for playing techniques. For gradual dynamics shown as hairpins, nothing is beeing erased. As said above, text objects only erase barlines and staff lines.

What’s the logic behind these different behaviors?


When you enable the “erase background” property for a hairpin, only the area behind any text that is shown on the hairpin will be erased, not the area behind the hairpin itself.