"Erase" staff

I would like to know the best manner to “erase” a staff: in the attached screenshots, you can see how I managed to do it. I created an image frame with a blank image and another one with a black image, and I shaped them to fill the space between the repeat barline (made with Text and Music Symbol tools) and the final barline.

Nevertheless, the 5-line staff continues to appear between the two bars of the final barline, and I have two questions at this point:

  • Is this the best manner to do it?
  • If there is no other way to do it, how could I “erase” the remaining 5-line staff? I have tried with the same system (blank image frame) but it is so close to the end of the frame (and so little) that it is very difficult to adjust it propperly.

Thank you very much.

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This kind of notation is not yet properly supported in Dorico. You could potentially have a single-line percussion instrument held by the same player and put a note in that instrument, scaled down to 1% size, to force an instrument change, which might be marginally less work than working with graphics frames as you are here (it would at least respond to changes in layout and spacing somewhat sensibly).