Erased background text in Engrave mode does not show up when using Write mode in Galley view


I’ve been playing around with the Dorico 3.5 demo, and have encountered a small issue with Galley view. The issue is that when I set pieces of text to have their background erased, the text correctly shows up in Engrave mode, and in the Page view of Write mode. However, the background is not erased in Galley view. I have enclosed a screenshot of the issue.

It appears to be purely cosmetic and isn’t annoying, but it feels a bit out of place considering that Engrave mode changes are usually reflected when using Write mode anyway.

The distinction here is not between engrave mode and write mode, but page view and galley view.

Galley view is a “working” view that omits quite a few layout choices, even things like spacing. And, as you’ve found, masking.

Any property that is specific to a particular frame chain will not appear in galley view.