Eraser tool as default?

If I remember correctly the pointer was the default tool in the editing toolbar. In CB7 it seems to have changed to the eraser. I have been looking for a setting to change this back (?) to the pointer but have not found it. Any suggestions?

Aloha R,

Wow! Never seen that one.

Just so we understand you correctly; are you saying if you:

1-open a project Cubase
2- choose the eraser tool
3- use it
4-now choose the pointer tool
5-save/quit Cubase
6-re-open Cubase
7-the default tool is now back to the eraser?

Is this all correct?

One thing to try is to move your Preference Folder to the desktop
(or anywhere other than where it is) and restart Cubase.

Cubase will build a new Pref Folder.

Now check and see if the prob persists.

If the prob is still there it’s not the fault of the Pref Folder
so trash the new one and put back the old one.
(especially if it has other useful stuff like custom Key Commands etc)

Also you might try booting Cubase in ‘Safe Start Mode’.

HTH (hope this helps)

Not quite. The problem is there when opening new projects. If I later choose the pointer and save, the pointer is there when re-opening the project. However I would like the pointer to be default when opening new projects. Do you have the pointer or the eraser tool as default then?

Weirdly, I assumed it worked that way too, but I just tried it and Cubase saved the selected tool. Did it always work like that? Who knows? :confused:

So one way that could happen is the template or file you are using to create the new project was saved with the eraser tool selected. (I just checked it out here)

Is it possible you saved a template with it active and are using that template for new projects?

Does it happen when you start a new project from a different template?

Cubase doesn’t really create new files per se, it just opens existing “Templates” as untitled files.

Have you been changing any Workspaces?

I had a problem with the Select tool defaulting to Time Stretch, which I must have accidently changed from Normal when editing a workspace, because changing it back while the workspace was unlocked, then locking it again changed the default back to Normal.