erasing a courtesy time signature

I use a special time signature that occurs upon the upper line in the score. But, when the time changes from one page to another, it also gives a “courtesy” reply of the coming time signature on the former page. How can I delete this function?

You can’t. Easiest way is to add a coda, and hide the coda sign.

You’ll also want to set Engraving Options–Repeat Markers–Repeat Sections–Default gap before mid-system coda section to 0.

Dorico claims to be a semantic program, but faking with codas is not really very semantic. I think a lot of people would be happy, if there would be otpions for hiding courtesy time signatures and clef changes - including me. Especially for studies and worksheets this would be a great time saver.

Let’s not rehash this again please…

It’s not just that topic. This comes out all the time …

Oh, I don’t disagree. I have to work around it several times a week.