Erasing a new tonality system

Apologies i am new to the forums and new to Dorico!

I am in the process of creating a new tonality with custom accidentals
i am having 2 problems:
1.the erase button on the accidentals doesnt work…i made a mistake and now need to erase an accidental i created but it wont let me

  1. i created a tonality system that i don’t need. Is there a way of deleting it?

many thanks

Welcome to the forum, Alex. If you can’t delete an accidental, it’s because it’s still being used in the music.

Unfortunately at the moment there’s no way from the user interface to delete a tonality system. If you have a project in which you really want one of the tonality systems removed, if you zip it up and attach it here I can perform some surgery on the project to remove it for you.

many thanks!

Daniel, I find that (in 2.2.10) whether I edit an existing tonality system or create a new one, I can’t delete accidentals, full stop. I can’t figure out whether it actually matters, but it might be something to add to the backlog.

Very sorry
one more question on this subject
i dont want to open a new thread:

I am trying to notate the same music in 2 different notations (ottoman and european) so it looks like a system of 2 staves with the same music but slightly different accidentals.
i now have all the required accidentals for both notations in my created tonality so its all working ok.
question: can i have different key signatures in each of the 2 lines?
i have created 2 custom key signatures(one for each notation) but when trying to apply it to one of the 2 lines, it goes to both.
Is there a way of having a system of two lines with each having a different key signature?
many thanks and apologies for all the questions

If you’re clicking on the key signature in the right panel, hold the Alt key while dropping it onto the relevant staff.
If you’re using the Shift+K popover to enter the key signature, use Alt+Enter to complete the insertion rather than Enter.

it worked! Thank you so much


I have a related question and didn’t want to start new thread. Firstly, in toying with tonality systems I’ve created duplicates which I’d like to delete, is it still not possible? Are they not in a system library folder somewhere?

Secondly, I’m having a weird problem where I select a note, then select a new tonality system, then select the accidental I need, but it flips back to 12-EDO, even though I’ve set my new system as the default. i.e. I can’t use any other tonality system than 12-EDO.

This sees to happen in all my projects, even after restarting Dorico. It’s like it doesn’t recognise any other system - after setting a new one to default it still opens projects with 12-EDO as default…

Any ideas?


Nick, the tonality system is attached to a key signature. You can’t just drop the tonality system onto a note. You have to select the tonality system, then select a key signature underneath and click into the score (or by invoking the caret with nothing else selected and typing Shift-K atonal Enter, for instance)

You can delete a tonality system once it’s no longer referred to by any key signatures in your project. But you do indeed need to do as Leo says in order to use your custom tonality system: create a key signature using that tonality system, and then you’ll be able to use those accidentals in the ensuing music.

Excellent, thanks both.