erasing project

I have a project lets say its call june , so I work on it and save it as june cpr or something like that , It saves the original copy and then the new copy you are working on.

If I want to erase a copy, and I do it in the pool it will also take the origianl plus the june cpr , is that correct?

so what is the best way to remove a project and only the project you are opened in?

thanks for any help.

Are both .cpr’s in the same project folder? If so, just delete the .cpr. If in it’s own project folder, delete the folder. Don’t delete from the Pool unless ABSOLUTELY sure you don’t want any of the files. You can Remove Unused Media, Send To Trash and Empty Trash to clean the clutter, but MAKE SURE you don’t want the files in the trash before deleting.