Erasing RW-disc from Wavelab

After testing some burning operations, I tried to erase the CD-RW again - but this time from Wavelab. Problem is; I can’t find where to go for that operation. The online help (yes, I did try it) said “The [Write Data CD/DVD] dialog has controls for refreshing the list of attached devices, opening the CD/DVD drive and erasing a CD-RW/DVD-RW disk.” but I can’t find such a function…

EDIT: Nevermind; apparently one first has to click on the symbol to write a CD (while I know the disc needs to be erased), and then this function comes in view as a pencil eraser. Its function is only identified after clicking on the question mark. I’m sorry to say, but again this proves why the online help is lacking.

Luck, Arjan

In the other hand, this illustrates one important approach to learn WaveLab: use the “Whats this function”, which gives you access to tons of contextual information.

Well, it more or less illustrates that our only option is to go through every dialog window, clicking unknown icons with the What’s This question mark to find out what they do. This while I want to perform a certain specific function. Not exactly a ‘help’ function - more like an ‘explore’ function. It can never replace a user manual - it doesn’t even come close.

Luck, Arjan