Erratic behaviour.

Hi Folks,

In every version of Dorico I have noted some weird behaviour in the entry of notes and lyrics.

Once a bar is completed and that bar is the last bar on the visible page, the cursor moves to the next bar in the first position. Great, very handy.

However, if the new bar is not on the current page, Dorico attempts to move to the page holding the next bar and usually doesn’t succeed. There can be two outcomes:

  1. A new page position will be displayed and the insertion point will be somewhere on the page, usually a pixel or two from a border making it nearly impossible to work out where the insertion point is.

  2. A new page where the insertion point isn’t shown! You must now scroll around to find the insertion point which may be a few pages away from the displayed page.

Sorts of breaks the flow.

Has anyone else noted this behaviour or can give me a hint if there’s a checkbox I’ve missed in some option setting?


There isn’t a checkbox to tick that improves this behaviour. It sounds like you’re working in a slightly odd way though.
A. If you use Galley View for note input, this simply isn’t an issue - there’s no such thing as a new page.
B. As long as you’re using keyboard input (whether the computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard) it simply doesn’t matter that the “insertion point” is off the screen. Type a note and the screen will automatically update to show the note you’ve just typed.

I can’t say my flow has over been broken by the behaviour you’re describing, because although I can replicate the behaviour, it’s never caused me a problem…

Thanks, I’ll look into your suggestions.

FYI: I use the mouse for note input.

pianoleo, I have tried Gallery view and it’s wonderful. Thank you for pointing me in this direction.