Erratic eLicenser problem

Hi Dorico,

Just wanted to add another voice to the overall mix of eLicenser woes / vent my frustration! I moved my soft license to a brand new (short model) eLicenser a few months ago in order to work on my home machine. Every now and then (maybe every 5 or so starts) when I start Dorico the license seems to fail to recognise (something to to do with the reverance library) and it spits out this long series of error messages. It’s pretty annoying. Never happened ro me in years of cubase with the old stick. What’s going on here? I’m trying to do the right thing. I’ve got a stupid usb dongle for my 900 dollar piece of software and still I can’t happily use it! Get it together! I love Dorico but this stuff is starting to get old! I would be so grateful for a more elegant solution…

Has anyone else experienced this? I run the maintenance thing multiple times per day and it never seems to make any difference. I’m on a 2010 mac pro and the stick is plugged into the rear ports.


I have had the problem (Nuendo, Dorico) too although not all the long error messages, so it’s probably not the same. I usually unplug and plug it back in then start the app again; usually works although I have to repeat this sometimes. And I restart if necessary.
Perhaps run Disk utility, disk repair maintenance just to make sure everything sees everything.
Also sometimes I change ports and it will work.

I’m sorry to hear of this ongoing frustration. Can you please make sure you’re running the latest version of eLicenser Control Center, version 6.12? This version includes a number of fixes and improvements that specifically address unreliability of the USB-eLicenser on macOS.

Hi Dan!

Thanks for your awesome support on here as always! I am on version It’s super random so far as I can tell. I’ve tried moving to different USB ports but the problem always seems to come back. Could it be the lowly USB2 ports on the mac pro?

I think that’s pretty unlikely. It’s not as if there’s a huge volume of data moving back and forth between the applications and the USB-eLicenser. I could send you a time-limited license to install on the Soft-eLicenser on your Mac Pro so you can disconnect the USB-eLicenser for a while, if that would help?

Thanks Dan, I really appreciate your pragmatic approach. I know the problem is unlikely anything to do with you guys. I will persevere at the moment. My main intention for posting is for ‘signalling up’. I know you guys really read the posts here and I just wanted to air the concern in the hope that as enough people do, the evidence can gradually accumulate against the eLicenser. One day we’ll be rid of it!!

Are you plugging directly into your MP or are you using a hub?

What model is your Mac Pro? 6.1 (shouldn’t be—those ports are USB 3), 5.1, earlier?

What OS?

Do you let it sleep?

Hi PF!

Straight into the back of my 4.1 (flashed) Mac pro. I do let it sleep when I walk away from work for a while. Is this a known problem? I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6.

No, in general it’s fine to let your machine sleep and use the USB-eLicenser, though you will normally find that running a real-time audio application like Cubase or Dorico keeps your Mac awake anyway, since the audio engine is always polling in case it needs to spring into action.

I agree with Daniel that there shouldn’t be a wake from sleep issue but that doesn’t mean there can’t be one. If you boot from an SSD, uncheck Put Hard Drive to sleep when possible and set the sleep slider to the far right in System Preferences/Energy Saver (this can’t be done in Mojave and later). Go ahead and let the display sleep — that has no effect.

See if that makes a difference. If so, many Macs have a problem with USB ports waking up later. If that’s the case, wait a few seconds before accessing Dorico after waking from sleep.

There are many of us who only let our displays sleep, This solves many annoying issues. Unfortunately, no longer possible over over Mojave and later. For 10.14 and later, we disable Put Hard Drive to sleep when possible and Enable Power Nap which is almost as good.