Erratic fader movement with MIDI Remote

When using a fader object in MIDI Remote, the behavior is odd. I use a Stream Deck (so it’s all software) and have mapped most transport commands and some commands for the selected channel. When using a Stream Deck button to move the fader for the selected channel, the movement is jagged due to the behavior of the MIDI Remote.

Stream Deck is sending an updated value for the fader every 50 ms. Every 100-150 ms, the MIDI Remote responds by sending what seems to be the state of every mapped transport and selected track command. When doing so, the MIDI Remote sends old data for the fader, it looks like this (values are fader position):

send => 63
send => 65
receive <= 63 + all transport & selected track state
send => 65
send => 67
receive <= 65 + all transport & selected track state
send => 67
send => 69
send => 71
receive <= 66 + all transport & selected track state
send => 68
send => 70
send => 72
receive <= 67 + all transport & selected track state

and so on…

This will cause the fader on Stream Deck to jump back and forth instead of having a steady movement in one direction.

Edit: In addition, if the “Takeover mode” is set to “Pickup”, MIDI Remote constantly sends the last received value when the fader is moved in Cubase, not the actual value for the fader…