Erratic muting/unmuting wrt folders and subfolders

Just got off the phone with Steinberg support Canada (where I am), from whom I learrned that after multiple and repeated muting and unmuting of folders and tracks over a short period, the muting system often breaks down and behaves erratically. It then has to be reset with global mute and unmute butttons and every track in a project has to be muted/unmuted/solodefeated(Alt-Click-Mute) all over again.

Incidentally, we couldn’t find where track state management wrt folders and subfolders is explained in detail in the manual. Discerning the intended result of various commands (ctr-click, alt-click, key commands) on tracks, folders, and subfolders by trial and error may be impossible given the frequent lapse of the system into erratic behaviour. (If it’s there it would be great to know where it is.)

  1. create a large project with many tracks (up to 60 tracks, folders and subfolders, including instrument and audio tracks, may be required to produce the issue)
  2. use mute and unmute buttons many times on tracks, audio tracks, and tracks within folders and subfolders (exploring alt-click and ctrl-click frequently may be required to produce the issue.)
  3. eventually mute states will respond to commands in unintended ways and require a complete reset.

Cubase 8.0.20 Pro, Windows 7, EWQLplay, HPz400, 6GB ram