Erroneous feedback in key command dialogue

I am assigning Move to staff above by pressing Meta+Alt+M but the key command dialogue says Meta+Alt+Return although Meta+Alt+M actually is assigned.

This happened after I Reset Key Commands assuming that I would then start custom key commands from factory settings.

It’s a regular UK iPad Magic Keyboard

Have you tried resetting the Keyboard ?

I’ve no idea how to do it for an ipad Magic Keyboard, but it seems there is an issue with the Keyboard typing the wrong characters

Apple Magic KeYboard is tYping the wrong characters

Thanks @David_Tee but the keyboard is evidently inputting the correct characters as the key command is correctly assigned and then works as required. Only it is not displaying correctly in the dialogue.

The support for keyboards in Qt on iOS is pretty new, and it’s not perfect. Provided the shortcut itself works, that’s probably about as good as it gets for the time being, I’m afraid. We’re hoping that as Qt adds further support for keyboards on iOS, these sorts of issues will be ironed out.

@dspreadbury these little quirks I’m reporting are not materially affecting my productivity on Dorico which I have been giving fairly intensive usage over the last few weeks, and more recently seamlessly completing the round trip between desktop and iPad many times as circumstances demand. OK, once or twice I’ve had to wait to change divisi settings until I’m on the Mac, and wait until I’m in front of the Mac’s large screen to properly inspect the score in page mode. But so far the two platforms have complemented each other better than I was expecting.

Congratulations on a really useful first release.

When you do get around to looking at the iPad key command feedback might I request that the key names actually reflect the names etched on the iPad keyboard? ie instead of Meta, Alt and Ctrl, we have control, option and command even as I understand it, that Qt is used specifically to make Dorico independent of underlying platforms.

I hope my comments are useful.

Yes, I agree it would be good if the names of the keys in the Key Commands dialog match the Apple-y names used on Mac and iPad hardware keyboards, but that’s up to the people at the Qt Company to take care of.