Error Activating Cubase Elements 6

Today I re-installed my Windows 7 x64 after a complete hard drive format.
After installing Cubase 6 and update 6.0.7 and also eLicenser (latest version) I get strange error:

No eLicenser Selectable!

I cannot activate my product anymore, please see snapshots.

It should have created a new e-licenser upon install of Elements 6.

Check out this knowledge base article:

Sounds like a hardware issue; the computer not seeing your physical e-Licenser. It is not inserted in a USB 3 socket, by any chance? These have been having issues with the USB 2 dongle.

EDIT: Ah, it’s Elements… I see. Anyway, if you have the license on a dongle, this still is a possibility.

Shinta215 provided the right solution, thanks that installation helper saved my ass ! :mrgreen: