Error_ artifactpath_ missing in school network installation

I am trying to install Dorico 4 SE to our school’s desktop Computers (Win 10 Pro). Unfortunately, the installation doesn’ work.

While the “Application installer” does have a white check mark, opening the storage location (“Speicherort”) reveals a java exception in “getDowloadFolderPath”:

Trying to install HALion or Dorico 4 content throws an “error_artifactpath_missing”.
Opening the respecting storageLocation correctly shows the files in their respective folders in “Z:\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64”, where Z is a network drive on the server. Trying to install these items throws “error_artifactpath_missing”.

To get this far, I had to manually install the Steinberg Library manager.

But now I’m stuck - and there are at least 40 computers to go…

BTW: is there any easier method to do a volume installation of DSE?

You can download all of the various components that make up Dorico 4 from our web site without needing to use Steinberg Download Assistant:

If you can provide me with the logs from Steinberg Download Assistant (which you’ll find in %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Download Assistant), I can pass them on to our SDA team and see if they can tell us what might be causing that error.

We are very much aware that right now the deployment options we have for Dorico (and indeed our other software products) aren’t well suited to large-scale network installations, and indeed just today we had an initial meeting to identify some concrete steps we can take to improve this in future.

One step further, still struggling.

The problem was, that the installer doesn’t work with network folders.
I have managed to install Dorico via

  • copying the above files to c:/ on each machine
  • log in as a local Administrator
  • install (without any network)
  • reboot
    I can get help from a few people and do that by hand. Will take a few hours, but okay…

For each installation we still need to activate it with an email / steinberg account. I was hoping that a single address would suffice for an SE installation but after having installed on two or three machines I now get the error message “Höchstzahl Aktivierungen erreicht” (maximal number of activations reached). Do I really have to create 20-40 email addresses and 20-40 steinberg accounts for this or would it be possible to allow a single school account a certain number of SE installations?

Or, perhaps, may the concrete steps to an improvement already have led to a better alternative altogether? I’d be happy to alphatest that!

Thank you all for your support!

I’ve sent you a PM