ERROR: clips which are not included inside CD tracks

“There are some clips which are not included inside CD tracks. This is not allowed when burning CDs (unless the Audio in pauses mode is activated).”

ok, so how do I fix this? I want to burn a CD. I don’t know what this means. Talk to me like I am 6.

You could simply use the CD Wizard to regenerate your markers; assuming you’re 6 :wink:
Else, you need to zoom at the clip boundaries and make sure the CD markers are in the empty space, not crossing the clip.

thanks. I ended up deleting the file and reloading it. I am in 8. I tried to use “audio in pause mode” or whatever and it wasn’t having it either. It’s working now.

PS: today was the first time I ever actually opened WaveLab. It took a lot of learning, but it works pretty good so far.