Error code 0x02000148 after migrating old projects

Hi all,

I moved all of my 2023 projects to an external drive earlier today and haven’t been able to open Wavelab Pro 12 since. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted preferences, etc. I installed v12 for the first time in February, so there shouldn’t have been any relevant files in the 2023 folder unless things carry over from v11. This happened the last time I migrated files but the fix of wiping and reinstalling isn’t working this time around.

Without pasting the whole crash report here, does anyone have any ideas? I have already contacted support and will be waiting for an update there too.



  1. make sure to have WaveLab 12.0.20 installed
  2. launch WaveLab while pressing the Control key down (Command on Mac). When you do this, you force WaveLab to show the startup dialog, which allows to select a blank project, for example.

No luck, I’m afraid. Same error message and failing to open.

Do you at least see the dialog I told you? If not, completely erase the WaveLab preferences.