Error Correction play difference

This is a minor issue, but I can’t get it like it was for me in Wavelab 8.

In Wavelab 8 and 9, I have “move cursor back to start” selected as I want it in all cases.

All of my settings in Error Correction are the same (including 750ms pre-roll).

I run “detect all errors” in Error Correction. It finds and marks a bunch of clicks.

I click “play” in the Error Correction window to play click #1, and it does. I click “next error mark” to go to click #2, but it doesn’t. It goes to the click #1 marker.

I know why this is. It’s because the cursor is going back to 750ms before the click #1 marker after playing click #1, so when I click “next error mark”, it goes to the click #1 marker instead of the click #2 marker.

But it didn’t do that in Wavelab 8. The cursor would go back to the click #1 marker, not 750ms before, so when I clicked “next error mark” it would go to click #2.

So now in Wavelab 9, I have to click “next error mark” twice to get to the next click marker.

Is there any way to have this behave as it used to in Wavelab 8 with my settings?

Indeed. This will need a fix.

Thanks PG.