Error Correction trouble

Hi, I’m using WLPro 11 and it seems with every major update the error correct GUI gets changed, now no matter how I set it it says there are too many errors. When I’ve been able to make this feature work in the past I really enjoyed it. It was the best declicker. I assume I’m doing something wrong now except that every setting produced the same result.

Thanks for any help.

There is indeed something wrong when processing audio ranges that are “too long”. This will be fixed in 11.1.20

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Thank you. I used the declicker in the restoration plugin instead, but… I do prefer the error correction. Looking forward to getting it back. There’s nothing that does as good a job of just “taking off the peach fuzz” lol.

I having trouble trying to save/name user presets for plugins too. I’m able to in the plug-ins preset library but not WL’s

Please describe the problem accuratly.