Error - "Could Not create edit file"

Anyone knows what this means and how can correct it? I get it on any file in this project when I try to Process(Post Filter, Reverse, etc.) a clip.

Nuendo can’t write file to Edit folder. Something wrong with permissions?

Everything is the same with my system so I doubt it’s a permissions thing. I just noticed there is no “Edits” folder in the project folder. I made one, but it didn’t help.

Is this a project you started yourself? Or one you have inherited?

I often open old projects and get the same error - it’s generally because I used Sound Designer II files. Nuendo lost the ability to do anything other than play SDII files a few versions ago. I convert all to aif or wav and all is well.

No it’s a new project, and it’s all aif and wavs. I copied it to a new folder and started a new version and that’s when this started . I couldn’t find the “Copy Project to New Folder” has that been removed?

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?

As mentioned, I would check your permissions.

Which permissions are you talking about?

Permissions across the whole project folder. It might be that your user account does not have the necessary access to allow Nuendo to write to that particular project folder (it can happen). Try Google for Windows 7 permissions.