Error cubase 11 pro halion sonic se-please help!

Hello ! I have a problem, I updated to cubase 11 PRO, I installed it on a PC with Windows 10 and it gave me an error in the “The following plug-ins have been added to the BLOCKLIST " , " Halion Sonic SE” " , I tried Windows 11 as well. So far I have used Cubase 8 Pro and I have not had any problems, now that I have updated Cubase 11 PRO, I am not able to solve this problem and I do not understand why! Can anyone help me please?

Check the Steinberg Download Assistant for an upgrade to Halion Sonic SE.

I’m also facing this problem. But re-instaling Halion does not solve this problem.

If I remove halion from blocklist, cubase will crash before launching.
It looks the latest version of halion is broken.

I downloaded HALion Sonic SE 3.4.40 from here:
https:/ japan.steinberg. net/jp/support/downloads/cubase_11/cubase_pro_11.html
(Please remove whitespace before .net)
And it looks the problem is solved. There are not plugins in blocklist.

FWIW - I also had this issue, but realised the blocklisted Halion wasn’t the one supplied with cubase, but a previously installed cakewalk version (i.e. I decided to not care it was blocked)…